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Files Group JS File Size Description Requires
NoGray Library 113.69KB (28.04KB gzipped) The Full NoGray JavaScript Library (including the Button and Component) and its assets--
Calendar Component 33.02KB (6.99KB gzipped) The Calendar Component and its assetsNoGray Library
Auto Complete Component 15.14KB (3.76KB gzipped) The Auto Complete Component and its assetsNoGray Library

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General Arabic 0KB (0.01KB gzipped) General Arabic language file--
General Chinese 0KB (0.01KB gzipped) General Chinese language file (Google Translation)--
General Dutch 0KB (0.01KB gzipped) General Dutch language file (Google Translation)--
Calendar Arabic 0.33KB (0.24KB gzipped) Calendar's Arabic language fileGeneral Arabic
Calendar Chinese 0.33KB (0.26KB gzipped) Calendar's Chinese language file (Google Translation)General Chinese
Calendar Dutch 0.33KB (0.26KB gzipped) Calendar's Dutch language file (Google Translation)General Dutch