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Welcome to the is a small web design and development firm that specialize in custom web projects. We create 100% custom made website tailored to each of our customers. With our development libraries, we can deploy a website in a short period of time saving time and cost to our clients.

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NoGray JavaScript Library

NoGray JavaScript LibraryOur JavaScript Library has grown to version 1.2.2. This is a complete JavaScript Library that powers our plug-ins and components. It provide a solid interface to build a consistent user experience. Also, our JavaScript Library is fully documented with examples and more are being added all the time.


  • Easy to use and understand.
  • DOM, Events and Ajax support.
  • Extends HTML Elements to ease cross platform development.
  • Language System for easy translation.
  • Built in Button, Plug-ins and Components System for advance controls.
  • and much more...

Browsers Support

Browsers Support
Our JavaScript Library is built to support a wide array of browsers and is feature driven.

Extendable Class Model

Extendable Class Model With our extendable class model, you can simply overwrite the methods you want to customize. We also provide classes to build a rich user interface right out of the box.